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Micro Greens

You can grow Micro Greens at Home. Indoor Growers World can Show you How.

Wheat Grass

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to Sustainably Feed, Fuel and Shelter The World

Sustainable Controlled Environment Agriculture


Indoor Growers World brings Technology and Precision to Controlled Environment Agriculture.  We are focused on local, sustainable food production.  Hydroponics, Aeroponics and Aquaponics techniques use less water, less fertilizer to provide earth friendly organic produce.  We Integrate Technology Solutions with Agriculture to provide a competitive edge to indoor farmers.

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Sustainable Affordable Housing and Shelter


We are helping build the future, with sustainable and affordable development and building practices for residential, commercial, industrial and agriculture.  We create green spaces and indoor growing areas to  provide environmental elements, mental and emotional comfort, and a sustainable source of healthy fresh food.

Welcome to the Future.

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Freshwater Collection and Treatment


 We create, support and promote simple, practical methods for collecting and treating water; and water conserving agricultural practices.  Water is the most precious and scare commodity of our time. The lack of clean drinking water kills more children around the world than any other cause.  Water shortages and droughts are the international headlines giving us a glimpse of the future.

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Sustainable Energy Resources


We are working on practical solutions to provide sustainable energy resources to fuel the demands of our modern world.  Solar, wind, hydro and bio energy production can provide the long term energy solutions to reduce fossil fuel consumption and provide local power where it is not available or affordable today.   Remote and developing areas can have localized point access to electricity.

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to Sustainably Feed, Fuel, and Shelter the World - Indoor Growers World
Integrating Technology and Sustainable Building Practices with Agriculture

Why we do the things we do

igwlogo Welcome To The Future

Welcome to the future. Changing global temperatures, floods, droughts and other environmental issues are threatening our food supplies.  The population explosion is taxing our current farming efforts.  The increasing use of pesticides and herbicides, concerns over Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), rising transportation costs and threats to our homeland security are fueling the exploding interest in locally grown natural and organic food.  Local Food Movements are creating a soaring demand.   The internet is loaded with negative videos and information about corporate food production systems and people are paying attention. People want to know what they are eating, where it came from and how it was grown.  Parents want to know what they are feeding their children.  Awareness is at an all time high.  Grow Your Own and Know Your Farmer is an assurance of quality, chemical inputs and for the safety of what you eat.

No matter your choice of environments.  No matter your choice of crops, methods, location or techniques; You can count on Indoor Growers World as your partner for success on your precision controlled environment agriculture projects. We support commercial growers and home growers. Professional farmers, hobbyists and those just getting started.  We can help with design, construction, products, equipment, controls, facilities, monitoring, marketing, management and information. We have solutions for a Fortune 500 approach, the limited budget DYI approach and everything in between. Visit our Nashville showroom / design and technology center,  explore our virtual showroom on this website or give us a call.  No matter if you are ready to start or kicking tires and thinking about it.  If you just have questions or want to learn.  We welcome your visit or call.

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