Compost Tea is Brewing

Sweet Bio Tea

Sweet Bio Tea - It's a Southern Thang...

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Our Compost Tea is Actively Aerated Comport Tea (AACT) - teeming with billions of beneficial microorganisms (beneficial bacteria, fungi, and protozoa) and can be applied directly to the leaf surface of a plant as a foliar spray or used as a soil drench to improve root systems.

Compost tea works by putting good biological diversity your plant needs onto the leaf surface and in the soil.

Get the benefits of compost in liquid form.


Sweet BIO Tea is non-manure based, you can’t put on too much.

Morning is the best time to apply foliar applications while the temperature is below 80 degrees.

The plant’s stomata are tiny openings in the leaves where nutrients can be absorbed. The stomata start to close when the temperature reaches 80 degrees, and fully close at 85 degrees.  This is the plant’s way to keep from losing moisture.  Wind can dry your tea before your plant can take it in.

So spray  early, when calm and cool.

Don’t spray on the leaves in the evening. The sun will dry up the leaves from morning applications, but with evening applications the leaves can stay wet too long, which is an open door to fungus.

Dilute your tea half and half with de-chlorinated water. Use compost tea full strength on plants that are sickly or not growing well.

Use a spray bottle, a pump up sprayer, or a watering can.

Put Compost tea in a watering can and water the leaves. A good amount drips off to enrich the soil.

Left over tea is a kick in the ass for your compost pile to accelerate the microbial activity!

Use as often as you like, preferably every week or two.

Use your compost tea as quickly as possible. Store in the refrigerator to extend life.