Starting Small Simple Salad Stuff Systems The Nashville Hydroponic and Aquaponics Meetup

Tuesday - June 13th, 2017 - 7:00 pm
Warner East Co-Working Space
401 E Trinity Lane
Nashville TN 37207

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We are all about the S words, this Smonth...


Starting Small Simple Salad Stuff Systems

Join us for an introduction to growing leafy greens,
micros, herbs, and other Stuff for Salads and Soups.

Free Class - as Always. Everyone is welcome.

We will cover some basic hydroponic and organic growing ideas for indoor growing. Easy and cheap ways to have the freshest ingredients. You can do it.

We will be discussing simple ways to start growing easily and inexpensively, by building small decorative and functional systems. We will talk about really small and really big systems and everything in between.

Bring a friend and let's get started.