Automation and Controls provide the minute by minute supervision of modern CEA installations. Knowing the temperature or pH of many different systems in multiple locations on a real-time basis is possible with modern control and monitoring systems. Being alerted to situations outside of "normal" allows growers to focus on issues while being aware of their entire production system.

The simplest controls are basic timers.  Light cycles and even pump cycles are tailored to meet the needs of the plants you are growing. Timers allow for basic on for 15 minutes and off for a hour to more sophisticated scheduling for an entire week at a time.

Simple Timers for Light and Pump Control

All in one controllers can provide temperature, humidity, CO2, light, pH and other monitoring and control functions.

Blue Lab Controller

App based monitoring and control systems provide remote access to your grow setup from where ever you are whenever you need it.

Monitoring Apps for Hydroponics

Commercial Controls and Monitoring

Commercial grow systems can use the same simple equipment on a small scale and industrial strength or custom monitoring and control cloud based systems.  We are integrators of custom systems.   Give us a call to get started on your project.

Commercial Control and Monitoring Systems for Large Operators

Come check out the showroom  we sell equipment and supplies.  Visit our Design and Technology Center for ideas and to see some of the cool stuff available for indoor growing.  We love to hear about customer projects and show off things we have done.

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