We Design

We are designers.  Indoor Growers World combines commercial design and space planning with technology and growing experience.  We are comfortable in the production area and use that knowledge to fine tune our layouts for efficiency and ease of use.  We are comfortable with creating designs and with working with your architect and builder.

Commercial and production facilities design and planning includes understanding your production requirements and projections, space and mechanical guidelines, working with your design and construction team and guiding the specialty aspects of the project.


For residential indoor grow rooms and furniture our initial meeting will cover your basic desires and needs for your growing environment, like space, production needs, even colors and style.  We will discuss your family's lifestyle and specific items like any family members with disabilities or children.  We want to know as much as possible about your family.  Your growing environment is part of family activity and we take this opportunity and design responsibility very seriously.


We will design a system that meets your needs at a price that fits your budget.  We will oversee the project and coordinate the entire job.


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