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About Us - Indoor Growers World

Let me tell you a little bit about us.  Indoor Growers World is a  Controlled Environment Agriculture company.  Our store and offices are located in Nashville, Tennessee.

We serve Tennessee and a large region into Arkansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Texas and Virginia. We are passionate about healthy, locally grown food.

We are designers and builders of food systems.  We are science and technology types.  We are growers and suppliers; consultants and advocates.

We are a Controlled Environment Agriculture Company. We design and build CEA Systems for Single Family Homes, Multi-Family Homes, Businesses, Food Services, Restaurants, Health Care, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, for Green Spaces and Commercial Growers.  We offer Fresh Grow Rooms, Shipping Container Farms, Vertical Farms in Warehouses and Greenhouses.

We are a Local Food Company.  We believe in local food and local business.  We believe growing food near where it is consumed in a sustainable way is the future.  We believe being able to grow your own food because you want to or need to is important.  Urban or rural;  Organic, Hydroponic or Conventional we are about growing food.

We are a Technology Company.  We offer control, monitoring, and management systems for growers of all sizes, methods and crops.  We stock a variety of controllers from the simplest timers to all in one systems and provide design and integration services for custom Internet of Things (IoT) agricultural systems.

We are a Supply Company.  We sell all the equipment, supplies and technology items for indoor growing and urban farming.  Small micro green setups to large warehouse size commercial vertical farms.  From big to small, we got it all…

Come check out the showroom  we sell equipment and supplies.  Visit our Design and Technology Center for ideas and to see some of the cool stuff available for indoor growing.

We love to hear about customer projects and show off things we have done.  Coffee is on and the door is open.  Bring pictures…

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We Build

We are specialty builders.  Indoor Growers World works as a finishes sub-contractor, much like a cabinet company.  We go into a newly created or existing space with the specialty items and systems.  We work with plumbers and electricians. We partner with general contractors on out-of-the-ground jobs.  We work on residential and commercial projects.  From 20 sq ft indoor grow rooms to 20,000 sq ft greenhouses to 200,000 sq ft warehouses. We have a diverse team of building partners for any need or job.

We Supply

We are The Growers General Store.  Our showroom and technology / design center is in Nashville Tennessee.  We are a full service, one-stop-shop supplier. From LED grow lights to nutrients and plastics.  We have the products you need and the experienced consultative sales staff to support you.


We Create

We create controlled environment growing systems. We create local food systems.  We create success for our clients.  We create solutions. We are experienced designers and builders.

We Design

We are designers.  Indoor Growers World combines commercial design and space planning with technology and growing experience.  We are comfortable in the production area and use that knowledge to fine tune our layouts for efficiency and ease of use.  We are comfortable with creating designs and with working with your architect and builder.

Commercial and production facilities design and planning includes understanding your production requirements and projections, space and mechanical guidelines, working with your design and construction team and guiding the specialty aspects of the project.

For residential indoor grow rooms and furniture our initial meeting will cover your basic desires and needs for your growing environment, like space, production needs, even colors and style.  We will discuss your family’s lifestyle and specific items like any family members with disabilities or children.  We want to know as much as possible about your family.  Your growing environment is part of family activity and we take this opportunity and design responsibility very seriously.

We will design a system that meets your needs at a price that fits your budget.  We will oversee the project and coordinate the entire job.


We Manage

We offer contract management services for growing and specialty production needs.  Hospitality, health care, education, and green space production.  We can tailor a management plan to meet any need.

We Market

We are a marketing services organization.  We promote local food and local business organizations.  We offer a variety of services from displays, POP, casework, graphic design, printing, direct mail, signage, digital signage and interactive services.

We have a long history in integrating marketing and technology.  We leverage the experience to support local food, local business and sustainable services groups we work with.  And to be forthcoming – we are creative types and love doing cool stuff.  We work with a team of designers, artists, and builders that we have worked with for years and continue for the benefit of Indoor Growers World clients, friends and causes.


We Monitor

We offer cloud based monitoring services for our automation clients.  Historic and analytical information for your management, security, and scientific needs.

We Monitor Real Time Conditions

We Make

We integrate, make and manufacture specialty products for hydroponics, aquaponics, vertical farming, urban farming and all types of indoor growing. 


Our Mission: To Sustainably Feed, Fuel, and Shelter the World

Ag Agriculture

Indoor Growers World brings Technology and Precision to Controlled Environment Agriculture. We are focused on local, sustainable food production. Hydroponics, Aeroponics and Aquaponics techniques use less water, less fertilizer to provide earth friendly organic produce. We Integrate Technology Solutions with Agriculture to provide a competitive edge to indoor farmers.

H2O Water

We create, support and promote simple, practical methods for collecting and treating water; and water conserving agricultural practices. Water is the most precious and scare commodity of our time. The lack of clean drinking water kills more children around the world than any other cause. Water shortages and droughts are the international headlines giving us a glimpse of the future.

En Energy

We are working on small scale, practical solutions to provide sustainable energy resources to fuel the demands of our modern world. Solar, wind, hydro and bio energy production can provide the long term energy solutions to reduce fossil fuel consumption and provide local power where it is not available or affordable today. Remote and developing areas can have localized point access to electricity.

Sh Shelter

We are helping build the future, with sustainable, affordable development and building practices for residential, commercial, industrial and agriculture. We create green spaces and indoor growing areas to provide environmental elements, mental and emotional comfort, and a sustainable source of healthy fresh food. We have partnered with several leading builders for projects of any size or need.

Come check out the showroom. We sell equipment and supplies. Visit our Design and Technology Center for ideas and to see some of the cool stuff available for indoor growing.  We love to hear about customer projects and show off things we have done.

Welcome To The Future