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Indoor Growers World • 203 E Cedar Street • Goodlettsville TN 37072 USA

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Indoor Growers World and Gray Box Technology have introduced a new era in technology with the Intelligent Bucket Controller for flood and drain hydroponic bucket systems. 

The controller is using a computer chip with wifi capabilities and ultrasonic distance measuring device to give control over the water depth in the buckets.

Growers can set the depth of the nutrient water solution and the timing for how long to flood and how long to drain; from their smart phone or tablet.

Precise control and the ability to easily change the depth of the water as plants grow makes the system flexible for all stages of plant growth.  Flood time and drain time are changed with the touch of a button. 

The controller will support a unlimited number of buckets – the limitation comes with the amount of water in the reservoir to flood buckets with.  4 to 12 bucket systems are common with some growers using as many as 48 small 2 gallon buckets.

The Intelligent Bucket Controller has a web interface to allow the grower to monitor or update operating parameters.  It is literally as easy to change the timing as it is to dial a phone number.  No crawling up with a flashlight to change the timing.

The controller is a plug and play replacement for most of the other Flood and Drain control buckets, sometimes called brains or brain buckets.  You can update your existing hydroponics system with new technology controlling it and using all of the equipment you already own.

Gray Box Technology is a great believer in the owner’s right to repair their equipment.  The controller was designed to easily be repaired with readily available components for a long service life.

Operating Displays are available at the Indoor Growers World showroom in Nashville Tennessee and the Urban Horticulture Showroom in Chattanooga Tennessee. 

Come check it out.


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