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Soils from FoxFarm
Premier Pro Mix, Mother Earth

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NextLight LED, PhotonTEK
Rapid Grow, Gavita and more

NextLight Pro series LED Grow Lights from Indoor Growers World

Nutrients from General Hydroponics
Botanicare, FoxFarm, Mills, Advanced
Cyco, Cutting Edge and more

Indoor Growers World - Nutrients, Fertilizer, Supplements, Additives for Plants

Controllers, Timers, CO2
for all of your indoor gardening needs

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Indoor Growers World • 203 E Cedar Street • Goodlettsville TN 37072 USA

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The new and updated Indoor Growers World website is up and running.  Visit us at

We have a growing collection of information on hydroponics, aquaponics, edible plants, medicinal plants, and even ornamentals.

Our Learning Center is coming together.  The Resource Library, events and class schedule and Grower Tools are online.  We are still adding information and resources.  Keep an eye as it changes.

Our focus and mission is still the same.  Indoor Growers World is a Controlled Environment Agriculture Technology Company.

We are passionate about healthy, locally grown food, clean water and the future for all people.

Indoor Growers World - Growing Strawberries Indoors or on a Vertical Farm Takes Lots of Light
Indoor Growers World – Growing Strawberries Indoors or on a Vertical Farm Takes Lots of Light

Located in Nashville, Tennessee we serve a broad region of the southern United States offering Precision Controlled Environment Agriculture products and services for Farmers, Alternative Agriculture, Urban Farming, and Natural • Organic • Hydroponic • Aquaponic Growers.

We welcome and serve first time farmers, veterans and the diversity of all people embracing the future of local and sustainable food systems

Our mission is to
Sustainably Feed, Fuel, and Shelter the World.

It begins with local agriculture and being able to feed a growing population in uncertain times. It means acknowledging the problems of the world effect us locally.

The water shortages of the southwest effect the price of lettuce in the northeast. We know the minds of brilliant children, the children that could change the world are dying of starvation and the lack of clean water.

Indoor Growers World - the Future of Agriculture without water

Indoor Growers World is Integrating Technology and Sustainable Building Practices with Agriculture. We are educating people who see the future and want to know how to feed their family and community. We are building food systems to conserve water.

We support and create open technology, open source and open hardware projects to support future generations with a sustainable world for all people. We know the vaccine for starvation exists. Share the word and help build the future.

Indoor Growers World is located in Goodlettsville (Nashville) Tennessee.  Showroom  hours are Tuesday – Saturday, 10am til 6pm CDT.  Coffee is ready by 10 – come see us.

We have a variety of hydroponics systems on display.  Come see and touch the stuff you have been reading about.


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